A Networking Marriage.

Networking is one of the most beneficial social interactions that you can do to build your own personal brand. Each and every one of us is our own brand. We must promote ourselves and showcase our individual talents to people that could prove to be great resources. Face-to-face interactions was once the go-to form of networking. These days it is much more practical to use social media for networking opportunities. However, face-to-face interactions still tend to have the most impact. We’re perfectly equipped with opportunities for a marriage between face-to-face and social media networking.

The Old.
Face-to-face networking has an edge on social media because you have more control over tone and how you are perceived. You can make a direct impact on someone and stand out by being yourself.

The New.
Social media is more practical because it is easy to interact with all sorts of people that you may not be able to directly contact or meet. It is easier to maintain a social media relationship. Check out this article, 72 Fascinating Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2012, that shows just how important social media can be to networking.

The Marriage.
The best possible networking opportunity is to have direct, face-to-face interactions with contacts and then to maintain that relationship with social media. It is much easier to set yourself apart from others in person than it is on a social media site. Your networking endeavors are more likely to be successful if you’re able to make an initial impression in person and maintain contact through social media. It is important to always remember that social media may be the fastest, easiest form of networking, but face-to-face networking (handshake and all) can leave the most lasting impression. Now all you have to do is put yourself out there!

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